The monument to commemorate the Shipbridge over river the IJssel and the liberation of Holland

The ‘Ruiterbeeld’ (meaning equestrian statue) is a monument to commemorate the role of the Bashkirs in the liberation of the Netherlands. 

The statue celebrates the heroic efforts of the Bashkirs and the initiative of commanding officer General von Benckendorff in the building of a Ship Bridge over the river IJssel in 1813.

We have previously hosted many exhibitions about the Bashkirs. In the coming weeks we will once again be commemorating this historic act in a series of concerts and video podcasts, soon to be announced as part of our 2020 Fortepiano Music Festival

If you are an avid biker, you can also take a bike tour to follow the same journey as the Bashkirs, starting in Wijhe (the Netherlands).

A Bashkir
Generaal Alexander von Benckendorff
Generaal Alexander von Benckendorff

The Bashkir’s Ship Bridge

Video-podcast walking concert – 16 November – mid-December 2020

A series of talks and concerts about Beethoven and his contemporaries in relations to Dutch liberation from Napoleonic rule in 1813-1814, in particular over the role played by the 1st Regiment of the Bashkirs and their Ship Bridge over the River Ijssel (Veessen, the Netherlands).

The statues and the artist

Design and realisation of the statues is done by Alexander Taratynov.

The statue
Alexander Taratynov met zijn vrouw Katja en twee dochters.
The artist and his family

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