The artist

Alexander Taratynov (Moskou, 1956 – )

The best known project of Taratynov is the Night Watch in 3D, a sculpture group of 22 larger than life-sized, bronze figures that can now be viewed permanently on Rembrandt Square in Amsterdam (how could it be otherwise). The sculpture group was created on the occasion of the 400th year of Rembrandt’s birth in 2006.

Alexander Taratynov created this sculpture group together with Mikhail Dronov.

Recently Taratynov lives and works in the eighteenth-century Strijthagen Castle in Landgraaf, where he and his wife, the talented painter Katja, an international (Russian) center for the visual arts, Artland, started. In the castle and outbuildings you can see a lot of art from Mrs. Taratynov and other artists. In and around the castle itself you can admire especially the large sculptures of Alexander

Other images of Alexander Taratynov can be found in public spaces in France, Switzerland, Germany, Latvia, Russia and the Netherlands (including in Amsterdam, Zaandam, The Hague and Maastricht). His work is in collections in and outside of Europe. The Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis museum also showed its work in 2007 and 2008 as part of the annual ‘Amsterdam experimental garden’.

De Nachtwacht in 3D op het Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam
The Nightwatch painting in 3D, Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam, with Rembrandt himself towering above them.
The Cat
Alexander Taratynov met zijn vrouw Katja en twee dochters.
Alexander Taratynov with his wife and two daughters.