The statues

On the west side of the river IJssel, the Statue of the horse riding Cossack is already on display. However, the plan is also to place a statue of the german-Russian General Von Benckendorff on the other side of the river, in Wijhe.

The statue of Von Benckendorf is already finished, but additional fund are needed to place the statue en high visitors from Basjkirostan to reveal it.

Both statues are made by the Russian sculptor Alexander Taratynov.

Thanks to…

This project, consisting of two images- one in Veessen and one in Wijhe- is made possible in part by tje municipalities of Heerde and Olst-Wijhe, as well as the Prinse Bernard Cultuurfonds as wel as various local organzations, including Museum Wijhe, the Heerder Historical Society, Wij zijn Heerde, Gastvrij Heerde, Stichting Kozakkenveer and others. We are grateful for the support of the Russian Embassy in The Hague and the autonomous Republic of Basjkirostan.

This is an impression of the statue of the army commander Von Benckendorff as it should stand in the municipality of Wijhe.

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Gemeente Olst-Wijhe
Gemeente Heerde
Citta Slow Heerde