Overzicht video podcast DE SCHIPBRUG VAN DE BASJKIEREN

Beethoven, Bommen & Basjkieren: Kaoru Iwamura – fortepiano & Guy Sonnen – bas

6 nov 2020 | 20.00 uur | Huize Kolthoorn, Heerde

November 1813: Europe is in turmoil, Napoleon is retreating, Bashkir troops built a ship bridge to cross the IJssel River. Composers and poets get inspired in text and music: roaring canons for fortepiano and bass

Hammertime Duo & the Bashkirs at the IJssel River

14 nov 2020 | 17.00 uur | Huize Kolthoorn, Heerde

Cold winds swept over the IJssel River in November 1813, when Bashkir troops pitched their bivouac at the river shores, where they built a Ship-bridge to cross this major obstacle in their pursuit of Napoleon. Turbulent times - inspiration for Beethoven to write Sonates, reflecting the emotions of those days.